My husband developed a love for photography a few years back, when I asked him to take senior pictures of my daughter. The results were amazing, so the adventure began... We began taking photos of friends and family, studying and learning as much as possible, and purchasing additional equipment and software. This has allowed us to create wonderful memories for our clients, while doing something we have a love and passion for!

Over the years, this has become more than just our passion and a hobby, and turned into a profession we enjoy together.

We typically both are on the photo shoots, giving us the ability to take images from multiple angles in order to receive the best results possible.

Our goal is to capture your memories and milestones, one beautiful image at a time!

We currently Shoot with the following products:
Sony A7II full frame camera
Sony A6000 crop sensor camera
Sony FE 1.8 85mm lens
Sony FE 28 - 70mm lens
Sony G series 4.0 18-105mm lens
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Michael Skaggs

Tammy Skaggs - (817) 932-0373 - info@tammyskaggs.com